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Ranchi is the capital of the Indian state of Jharkhand, in the area that used to be known as Bihar Province. There is a British Military Cemetery in Ranchi, but no civilians appear to be buried there.

Possibly there was a colonial cemetery in Ranchi; can anyone help?

Anyway, it allowed me to add a new story to the Royal Signal Gallantry Awards website, which you can see here.” The gentlemen here are Victor Ient, Henry Liley, Monty Truscott, Eustace Levett, Harold Copsey, Eric Rumford, R. Harrison, William Holland, Alec Hunt, William Mc Cormick, F. At Lower Hutt hospital, where she delivered me on October 25, 1945, New Zealanders she had never seen before would come in and drop off gifts, mainly for the baby, on her bed. She went shopping but could not find shoes small enough to fit her.

Hood, Norman Lester, James Dignan, George Busby, Harold Roelich, Mathew Fraser, A. Bennett, David Howell, Peter Moddrell, Fred Latter, Robert Coghill, Arnold Topliff, William Devlin, Fred Carter, James Murphy, G. At Sydney, Mum was met off the boat by her friend and former Hong Kong flat-mate, Mavis Ming, who took her to David Jones shopping mall where Billie finally found two pairs of child-size shoes -- and much more besides, I’m sure.

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So whether they were aiming for that, or the lighter off shore, or the Japanese AA gun near the bungalow (all common theories), hitting Bungalow C was still an accident.Adding in the HKVDC members (including nurses) who were interned in Stanley, the Chinese and Eurasian members of the forces who melted away into the local population at surrender, and ignoring the police force who were only militia for a short period, it sounds pretty accurate.24 This evening I attended Brian Finch’s talk for the Royal Asiatic Society at the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.

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