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resize=225,300" alt="" width="225" height="300" srcset="https://i2com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/a-syrah.jpg? w=2304 2304w, https://i2com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/a-syrah.jpg? resize=225,300 225w, https://i2com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/a-syrah.jpg? resize=768,1024 768w, https://i2com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/a-syrah.jpg? resize=520,693 520w, https://i2com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/a-syrah.jpg? w=2000 2000w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" data-recalc-dims="1" /The only hitch being the price.My favourites of course were the most expensive, around £80 a bottle but some of the others were more reasonably priced at around £20 – £25 going up to £65 ( ok, maybe not so reasonable price-wise but well worth it).First of all Goodman Steakhouse is a quality place and I knew their wine list so I thought if they’re having it at Goodman, the wines gotta be good. We weren’t speed dating the winemakers, we were speed dating their wines.8 hectic minutes to sip, taste, swirl and spit as well as get as much info from the winemakers as possible.But I don´t recall to taste Pecharmant AOC from the South West of France.

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I "}" data-image-title="menu" data-image-description="" data-medium-file="https://i0com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/menu.jpg? fit=225,300" data-large-file="https://i0com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/menu.jpg? fit=565,753" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-4474" title="menu" src="https://i0com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/menu.jpg? resize=225,300" alt="" width="225" height="300" srcset="https://i0com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/menu.jpg? w=2304 2304w, https://i0com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/menu.jpg? resize=225,300 225w, https://i0com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/menu.jpg? resize=768,1024 768w, https://i0com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/menu.jpg? resize=520,693 520w, https://i0com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/menu.jpg? w=2000 2000w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" data-recalc-dims="1" /just knew California vintners could do better having sampled many on my trips home so I was excited when the Sonoma county Vintners invited me to Goodman Steakhouse in Mayfair for a Winemakers Speed-dating event.8 minutes might seem like a long time of one to one contact but the first two wines makers I sat down with, we had barely finished introductions let alone getting around to the wine before the bell rang *DING* and it was time to move on!"}" data-image-title="pedroncelli" data-image-description="" data-medium-file="https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/pedroncelli.jpg? fit=225,300" data-large-file="https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/pedroncelli.jpg? fit=565,753" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-4476" title="pedroncelli" src="https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/pedroncelli.jpg? resize=225,300" alt="" width="225" height="300" srcset="https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/pedroncelli.jpg? w=2304 2304w, https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/pedroncelli.jpg? resize=225,300 225w, https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/pedroncelli.jpg? resize=768,1024 768w, https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/pedroncelli.jpg? resize=520,693 520w, https://i1com/uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/pedroncelli.jpg? w=2000 2000w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" data-recalc-dims="1" /There were 4 winemakers and their wines scattered around the smaller dining room of Goodman.To spicy up and add another dimension to such a networking get together wine is an ideal tool.

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Since it´s the oldest and most natural (alcoholic) beverage on the planet with long history, traditions and quality.

Many of us consider it as part of their social life, essential to gastronomy and with responsible consumption it´s also a factor of pleasure.

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