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24-Aug-2017 21:59

But in this day and age, it’s absolutely essential that they learn!

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I thought she was just something about the way she moved her hair, her eyes, I was like wow. Now is my chance and I still remember it to this day of just looking at her and there was this sense of like there is no way I’m going to go talk to her. And if you’re in that place now, if I’m stirring up some pain for you right now then good. Have you seen the movie the Wolf of Wall Street about Jordan Belfort the Wall Street guy who did a lot of high pressure boiler room sales and made a bunch of money and kind of ripped a bunch of people of? There’s a story that you’re telling yourself as to why you can’t meet women, why they’re going to reject you, why you’re not and it’s just, it’s on repeat. We put ourselves into this hypnosis, this trance by repetition. We just don’t want to get rejected so we come up with this elaborate plot to not get rejected. The purpose of life is not to be safe a thousand percent of the time to feel safe. When we get back, I’m going to teach you how to break free of that, how to start shifting these stories, letting go of this bullshit and just getting out there and seeing what really happens.

And one of the biggest parts of the pain around that is not the loneliness, it’s not the wanting to connect but not having someone to be with, to touch, to talk to, to make love with. It’s just sort of this like, as I said in the intro like feeling like you’re a drift in the current of the ocean and I have no rudder, I got no motor, I got no ores, I’m just going to kind of float around here and hope that the wind blows me into an island. Listen, you don’t – I really, I really am missing my left foot, okay? Get a prosthetic which is getting more and more amazing by the way. Absolutely 100%, 1000% false and the only thing that’s keeping you from seeing that is the story and the avoidance that comes from a story, right? Do you see how this is going to keep you stuck for the rest of your life?

In this case the island could be a conversation with a woman or a relationship or a date, you just kind of hope that the seas work in your favor and bring you there. And that makes me weird and less awkward or more awkward than other guys and women are going to like a guy with no left foot, huh? “No, it’s really true, Aziz.” And let me say this, the facts of your story might be accurate and yet your story is still false. Because I do have darker pigmentation around my eyes than the average White Caucasian person, that is a fact. I saw a video of a guy and his crazy mechanical things running it was awesome. It’s like imagine a prosecutor and he knows that he’s got a weak case. He’s going to present the material to the jury in a way that’s going to convince them that this guy is guilty. Women won’t like me and I’m tired that women will like me” just sneak it in. Because we’re like, “I didn’t go talk to that woman on the dorm so I never found out what the truth was and so as a result, my story could remain true.” And that’s how we keep ourselves stuck in the story, right? I don’t go talk to her and then I never get any results and so, I further conclude that women don’t like me because I’m not getting any results.” Is that making a sense to you? And believe me I have met people that are in their 40s or in their 50s that are stuck. I can’t predict what every single woman is going to do. Those are the unknowns and unpredictable elements of life that’s what makes it fun and exciting, right? Oh, my God, the nickel, for every time I saw a woman I was attracted to and then I pretended like I didn’t notice her.

But it’s worth repeating because we can all relate to them, right? So, for me I look in the mirror and I said it’s my appearance that’s why I’m not confident, that’s why women won’t want to talk to me specifically it’s my eyes, the pigmentation around my eyes is gross, it’s disgusting. A lot of guys, oh my God so many guys have this one. I mean it is like “Oh, I’m not muscular enough.” I was just talking with a client about this recently and he said that he couldn’t talk to women in the gym because he felt like if he was going to interact with a woman in a gym, she’d kind of look at him and say, “Why am I wasting my time talking to you when that guy over there is like 208 pounds of pure muscle and can bench 4000 pounds. ” And I kind of laugh because it’s so absurd but he was really stuck in it and I was really stuck in it too because we have this idea it’s like look, I’m not muscular enough.

I’ve learned from magazines when I was in middle school that you don’t want pigmentation around your eyes. Everything I’ve shared in this podcast is 100% true. Those are my real experiences and then my life completely shifted and I’ve worked with people, hundreds of people face to face and seeing the same results, thousands of people through these programs and seeing the results, the same can be true for you. So, have that compassion for yourself, turn that frustration into fuel and take charge of your dating destiny. I look forward to speaking with you next week and until we talk again, may you have the courage to be who you are and to know that you are awesome.

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