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John von Neumann, who was born in Budapest, Hungary, and he came from Europe.He took his degree in mathematics, a Ph D in mathematics in 1925, in Budapest. Hilbert is most well-known and remembered for the fact that he developed a very exotic form of mathematics called Hilbert Space.So there hasnt been anyone that I know of that was actually involved in the Philadelphia Experiment, that was still around to tell you about it. But I think its real interesting that theres so much government secrecy around this as much as there has been around UFOs, and the government has denied that this one has ever happened. So probably the second question is a little bit superfluous. Kirtenauer, who was an Austrian physicist, who came from Austria and was on staff at the University of Chicago. a feasibility study type thing at that time, did not accomplish very much, at that particular moment, in that period.So just in that relationship, I think it is very interesting, and it certainly has a tie-in with the things that we discuss here in our group. How many of you have any ideas to whether this experiment actually started in the war years? A little bit later, the entire project was moved to the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton.: THIS FILE IN ITS ORIGINAL, UNCORRECTED (GRAMMAR & SPELLING) FORM, IS KNOWN AS PHILLY. HOWEVER, THE SPELLING OF SEVERAL NAMES, THE DIVISION OF SENTENCES, ETC., WAS SO POOR (DUE TO TIPPENS HAVING TRANSCRIBED FROM A VIDEO TAPE & HAVING BEEN UNFAMILIAR WITH MUCH OF AL BIELEKS TERMINOLOGY) THAT I DEEMED IT NECESSARY TO EDIT & CORRECT THE ENTIRE FILE, AND TO UPLOAD IT TO THE BBSs UNDER A SEPARATE FILENAME. It is for the purpose of those interested parties to further their information in the Philadelphia Experiment. Alfred Bielek is one of the survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment. Bielek mentioned, could not be spelled correctly due to audio levels and mumbling.

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This document is exactly as it was spoken during the time of the conference.

He taught in the German University system for approximately four years, at two different posts. Robert Oppenheimer, who was in Europe at that time, who became important later on after the project, and a number of other people. He was a theoretical man, a theoretical mathematician. He was the first man to define mathematically multiple realities, multiple space, and what it all meant in the terms of a mathematicians point of view.