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But recent evidence and observations have thrown some kinks in the armor of the top-down hypothesis.Some younger star clusters are apparently in the outer halo, and even the oldest stars are metal-poor but not necessarily completely free of metal. A new hypothesis has been developed to account for these new discoveries. In essence, it states that large galaxies, like the Milky Way galaxy, formed from the combinations of small galaxies and star clusters.Except in space, it was gravity, not wind, that ripped the big cloud apart.Some of the smaller gas clouds wound up colliding with one another and combining, sort of like you would plop pieces of bread dough together to make a big pizza dough ball.Free 5-day trial This lesson will explore two hypotheses as to how the Milky Way galaxy formed. We'll also go into what special connection you personally have to all of this.When products are made, they're either made whole with the option of being taken apart later, or they're made in pieces and assembled later.As the gas was pulled inwards, the cloud fragmented into smaller clouds.You can equate it to a big cloud in the sky that splits apart into smaller ones due to the wind ripping it apart.

And when the cloud flattened out into a disk, it left behind the older, metal-poor stars, globular clusters, and the halo, in general, in its wake.On the flip side, you can buy something like a bookshelf that comes in pieces, which you then need to assemble at home.These two examples are reminiscent of the general understanding of how our Milky Way galaxy may have originated. These facts helped astronomers develop an older theory called monolithic collapse, or the top-down hypothesis, which basically says that large galaxies, like the Milky Way galaxy, formed by way of gravitational collapse from a single, turbulent, large gas cloud.If Jared wants to keep his New York apartment, he needs to find a roommate.

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If he wants to get tenured, he needs to publish more.This would be like assembling a bookshelf from smaller parts into one large piece of furniture.