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He understands when we are cross, or if we are playing, or if we are hiding from him etc. He can take turns in play e.g he can play ball, giving it to us and wait for us give it to him 7. He is not aggressive and doesn't seem to get frustrated 7.He doesn't point to things generally but points to story books and stimuli pictures we show him 8.He is aware of the outside world, loves to watch traffic, cars and lorries 13.He has creative play, he drags his bikes, sits on his trucks and loves playing in play ground swings and slides Thanks Kevin - thats exactly what we want to hear and I hope to God you are right. My son had a hearing test at the Children's Centre today and they are confident that he can hear but it the result was inconclusive.He has already seen a Paeditrician whose report has said that he needs speech therapy and his nursery has said he is showing minor signs of Autism but some of it can mimick hard of hearing / delayed speech symptoms. Your description does not sound like there is an autistic-spectrum condition.He has confirmed glue ear but we thought that had cleared up. There is a delay in the speech/language area, and my sense is that this developmenatl language disorder is the main issue. He has communication problems and doesn't really tell us what he wants. He sometimes eats things off the floor but he is a fussy eater 6.

He looks everyone in the eye and can fix eye contact 2.This worries us as it means there could have been ANOTHER reason for his lack of speech.

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