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27-Aug-2017 14:59

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Other actors who have played gay and/or bi roles include Keanu Reeves and Mario Lopez.One of the many reasons why people think Dean Winters is bi is likely due to that very reason – he does not appear to be married or even in a relationship with anyone, nor has he for a long period of time.There is also a large segment of the population that happens to think that Winters is bi for a number of very interesting reasons.Perhaps the number one reason why people tend to think that Dean Winters is gay has to do with the many gay or bi roles he’s taken over the years.“People in Los Angeles think I’m dead,” Winters laughed. “For the [’30 Rock’] season finale, I had casts on both arms, and another on my foot, which was kept off-camera.And she literally had me propped up on a stool.” In the comeback of the century, Winters landed the Allstate Insurance campaign launching today, replacing ads that featured Dennis Haysbert.

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The paramedics were able to bring him back, and he spent three weeks in the ICU.

The outing — which came a day after the group was spotted visiting the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles — was a fun reunion for her kids and their friends from Cambodia.… continue reading »

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