Avg not updating correctly

15-Jul-2017 01:09

Check AVG's website for an up-to-date list of programs that may cause conflicts (link in Resources).

If you find a program on your computer that's preventing AVG from working correctly, remove the program using its uninstaller.

Until you have an active anti-virus protection, disconnect your computer from the Internet to decrease the chance of a security threat.

Installing two separate anti-virus programs doesn't provide any extra protection from security threats.

Browsing the Community pages I am discovering that many others are as frustrated as I am at the latest release of AVG. But I will definitely not renew my subscription when it comes time for that, the way the software is now.

With no warning, it was installed, and there are no instructions for how to use it. Even if I do a scan, it keeps saying Last Scan: Never.

Improved ability to select the geocache photos button when reviewing a geocache. Improved font sizes for Arabic and Farsi languages.

Added ability to toggle map between Track Up and North Up by touching the North arrow.

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I have called them over 15 times to get my .36 dollar refund. Had my computer fixed by a Professional, and he said don't ever use AVG.

In fact, two active anti-virus programs can cause a conflict on your computer, leaving you unprotected.

If you have AVG and another anti-virus program installed, remove the conflicting program.

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If your copy of the AVG anti-virus software isn't working, your computer is not protected from viruses, spyware, malware and phishing threats.

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