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"Look, Blake; I really don't have any more valuables, but I don't want to go to jail. How about you take the rest that I owe you out in trade on my body," she cackled as she slithered over toward me on her hands and knees and ran her hand over the crotch of my pants, which was barely restraining my disloyal cock.

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I caught her cheating and stealing and booted her out.She knew by the determined look in my eye that I wasn't fucking around. Once we sat down - with her further from the door than I was so that I could prevent her escape should she try it - I showed her the real arrest warrant, my real civil judgment, and my fake bounty hunter's certification. "Bridgett, you're not going to get away with your normal lies and cons with me. Get out your identification - all of it - and show it to me." I could tell that she was selectively rummaging in her large purse so I yanked it away from her and went through it myself. She continued to sit stone faced with her arms folded, but clearly winced when after unloading it I stuck the derringer in a coat pocket, and continued rummaging through her purse.

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