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27-Oct-2017 08:27

On the third of October 2017 at about in the afternoon my husband and I visited a Nandos outlet in the south of Johannesburg for lunch.(the Southgate eatery)We ordered the full chicken with two side dishes.

As received our order we immediately started to eat and it was after I had eaten half of the portion I had that I noticed that there was an odd looking color on it.

Hi I just would like to express my dissapointment in the service i Received.

I ordered 2 Crunch Master from KFC walmer which is exactly 2 Avenues from my work.

You should avoid sites that do not contain any contact details for the vendor because if something goes wrong then you may have a hard time trying to contact the company for a refund.

If in doubt then only use a brand that you know of.

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Alternatively, you can make purchases using Paypal.

This is a safe payment system, owned by auction website e Bay, that uses encryption.