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Kirk & Son and Schofield all cease to exist as companies.This site is published and curated by a lover of Baltimore Silver and Stieff Silver in particular.Where my dating is different from “conventional wisdom” I have noted these differences and have provided the background to support the correct date* *A classic example of this is Lady Claire shown as 1925 in some books. STIEFF II DIED ON MAY 17, 2014 Charles was Vice President of Sales and a Member of the Board of Directors. YOU CAN HELP ME DEFRAY THE COST OF PRODUCING THIS SITE WITH A SMALL CONTRIBUTION.PLEASE, FEEL FREE TO ADD TO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT.Marks like H or T are NOT date marks on silver flatware. Date codes are marked on most Hollow Ware,(silver and pewter) and the date marks chart is in the DATE MARKS section.Hollow ware and other pieces are best researched in the catalogs too. Some earlier styles only appear in the 1910 -1920’s catalogs. Also in the date marks section is information on how to date the subtle changes in the Rose pattern over the years. If you have any information, photos, catalogs, pamphlets or price guides and can scan or loan them to me, they will be added to the site.The ministry says the discovery was made at an archaeological site in the area of Dahshour, on the outskirts of Giza.

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