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2017-09-08 Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, WA) - Climate change is real science, but will alt-right accept it?

2017-09-08 Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach, FL) - Will Harvey, Irma wake climate deniers?

Climate scientists2017-09-17 Lincoln Journal-Star (Lincoln, NE) - It's Time to Talk Clean Energy2017-09-17 The Appleton Post-Crescent (Appleton, WI) - Educate Yourself on Climate Change2017-09-17 Austin American Statesman (Austin, TX) - (No title for on-line letters)2017-09-17 Edmonton Sun (Edmonton, ON) - GOOD EDITORIAL2017-09-17 The Seattle Times (Seattle, WA) - Climate Change and Fossil Fuels: A Great Opportunity2017-09-17 Toronto Sun (Toronto, ON) - Helping Small Business2017-09-17 Chicago Sun Times (Chicago, MA) - Face up to climate change the way we did to cancer2017-09-17 Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Fayetteville, AR) - Outstanding Writing2017-09-17 Toronto Sun (Toronto, ON) - Good Editorial2017-09-17 The Fresno Bee (Fresno, CA) - Stop ‘repugnant assault on science’2017-09-17 San Jose Mercury News (San Jose, CA) - President ignores science at our peril2017-09-17 Herald Times (Bloomington, IN) - Demand Action2017-09-17 Wausau Daily Herald (Wausau, WI) - Greenhouse gasses have destabilized our climate | Letter2017-09-17 Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, WA) - There is no debate when it comes to climate change2017-09-16 Durango Herald (Durango, CO) - Carbon fee is a viable climate solution2017-09-16 Northwest Arkanss Democrat Gazette (Fayetteville, AR) - Effects on Our Climate2017-09-16 San Luis Obispo Tribune (San Luis Obispo, CA) - Thanks for giving us the truth about climate change, Tribune2017-09-16 Sentinel & Enterprise (Fichburg, MA) - We all share responsibility on climate change2017-09-16 The Tacoma News Tribune (Tacoma, WA) - Climate: Extreme weather events no fluke2017-09-16 Billings Gazette (Billings, MT) - Support carbon fee and dividend2017-09-16 Woodstock Sentinal Review (Woodstock, ON) - Best Carbon Plan2017-09-16 Belleville News-Democrat (Belleville News-Democrat, IL) - GET SERIOUS ABOUT CLIMATE ACTION2017-09-16 Portland Press Herald (Portland, ME) - Hold polluters responsible via carbon fee and dividend "What schoolchild cannot connect the dots?

"2017-09-16 The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) - An obligation to recognize climate change2017-09-16 Edmonton Sun (Edmonton, ON) - Helping Small Business2017-09-16 The London Free Press (London, ON) - Best Carbon Plan2017-09-16 Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, OH) - How You Can Fight Climate Change2017-09-15 The Oregonian (Portland, OR) - A Bipartisan Climate Responce2017-09-15 Austin American-Statesman (Austin, TX) - We owe it to children to cut carbon emissions2017-09-15 Richmond Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA) - We need a climate ‘traffic light’2017-09-15 Telegraph & Gazette (Worcester, MA) - T&G flood risk assessment and the hazards of climate change2017-09-15 San Mateo Daily Journal (San Mateo, CA) - Climate Change Prevention Efforts Will Save Money and More2017-09-15 Lewis County Chronicle (Centralia, WA) - Preventive Action Needed as Hurricanes Intensify, Carbon Levels Rise2017-09-15 Traverse City Record Eagle (Traverse City, MI) - Climate talk2017-09-15 The Eagle (Bryan/College Station, TX) - Pols who deny climate change warn of disasters2017-09-15 Austin American-Statesman (Austin, TX) - 2017-09-15 Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, CA) - Americans have never been quitters2017-09-15 Standard Freeholder Cornwall (Kanata (Ottawa), ON) - He’s correct2017-09-14 East Hampton Star (East Hampton) - Tell Your Friends2017-09-14 Winnipeg Sun (Winnipeg, MB) - Revenue Neutral is Best2017-09-14 Montclair Local (montclair, NJ) - Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change2017-09-14 Grand Junction Sentinel (Grand Junction, CO) - Ask elected representatives to support legislation to impose a fee on carbon2017-09-14 Long Beach Press Telegram (Long Beach, CA) - People’s destructive power2017-09-14 Trib Total Media (Pittsburgh, PA) - No 'canard'2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Halifax, NS) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Mining Journal (Marquette, MI) - Stop the bleeding2017-09-14 Connecticut Post (Bridgeport, CT) - We're in this together2017-09-14 Atlanta Journal Constitution (Atlanta, GA) - ‘Unprecedented’ may be the new normal2017-09-14 Kingston Whig-Standard (Kingston, ON) - Carbon fee may create jobs2017-09-14 Orillia Packet and Times (Orillia, ON) - Carbon fee may create jobs2017-09-14 Brockville Recorder and Times (Brockville, ON) - Carbon fee may create jobs2017-09-14 Barrie Examiner (Barrie, ON) - Carbon fee may create jobs2017-09-14 The Charlotte Observer (City of Charlotte, NC) - Worried About Climate Change Yet?

Bergman, for joining climate caucus2017-10-12 Sentinel-Review Woodstock (Woodstock, ON) - Little Meaningful Progress2017-10-12 Stratford Beacon Herald (Stratford, ON) - Not Enough2017-10-12 Cranbrook Daily Townsmen (Cranbrook, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-12 Kimberly Bulletin (Kimberly, BC) - Millenniasl are tired of climate dismissives2017-10-12 Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) - Global warming or global greening?

2017-10-12 Northern Life (Sudbury, ON) - Canada needs a Superhero Team to change NAFTA2017-10-12 Waupaca County Post (Waupaca, WI) - mega storms and climate change2017-10-12 Chico News and Review (Chico, CA) - Speaking of the climate2017-10-12 Castlegar News (Castlegar, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-12 Revelstoke Review (Revelstoke, BC) - Millenials are fed up with Climate Dismissives2017-10-12 Peninsula News (Sydney, BC) - Black Press columnist’s views on climate upsetting to Millennial2017-10-12 Goldstream Gazette (Victoria, BC) - Black Press columnist’s views on climate upsetting to Millennial2017-10-12 Oak Bay News (Oak Bay, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-12 Comox Valley record (Comox, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-12 Langley Times (Langley, BC) - Millennial are feud with climate dismissives2017-10-12 Sanich news (Victoria, BC) - Black Press columnist’s views on climate upsetting to Millennial2017-10-12 Sooke News Mirror (Sooke, BC) - Black Press columnist’s views on climate upsetting to Millennial2017-10-12 Mail Tribune (Medford, OR) - time to act2017-10-12 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - Climate change2017-10-12 News Tribune (Jefferson City, MO) - Market-driven alternatives versus War on Coal2017-10-12 Sooke News mirror (Sooke, BC) - Black Press columnist’s views on climate upsetting to Millennial2017-10-12 Chico Enterprise-Record (Chico, CA) - Carbon fee plan catching on across United States2017-10-12 Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, OH) - Emissions Fee Would Combat Climate Change2017-10-11 Fort Collins Coloradoan (Fort Collins, CO) - Renewable Energy Helps State2017-10-11 The New York Times (New Yorl, NY) - na2017-10-11 Herald Times (Bloomington, IN) - Carbon Fee a Game Changer2017-10-11 Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Bozeman, MT) - Observing reality of climate change is not ‘alarmist’2017-10-11 Winona Daily News (Winona, MN) - Climate change and hurricanes2017-10-11 (Birmingham, AL) - Active hurricane season shows it's time to act on climate2017-10-10 Delaware News Journal (Wilmington, DE) - Keep up clean energy push2017-10-10 Boston Herald (Boston, MA) - A boost for carbon tax2017-10-10 The Lakeland Times (Minocqua, WI) - 'A moral obligation'2017-10-10 Kelowna City news (Kelowna, BC) - Please Stop Dismissing Climate Change2017-10-10 Lake Country Calendar (Kelowna, BC) - Please stop dismissing climate change2017-10-10 Daily Herald (Libertyville, IL) - Take action, don't deny reality of climate change2017-10-10 Detroit Free Press (Detroit, MI) - Clean Power Plan ends, but reason may prevail2017-10-10 Cowichan Valley Citizen (Duncan, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-10 Vicotira News (victoria, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-10 Nanaimo News Bulletin (Nanaimo, BC) - Columnist's climate science questionable2017-10-10 Lake Cowichan Gazette (Lake Cowichan, BC) - Millennials are fed up with climate dismissives2017-10-09 The Post-Crescent (Appleton, WI) - Take time to learn about climate change2017-10-09 Goldstream news Gazette (Victoria, BC) - Leave the science to the experts2017-10-09 Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, AZ) - Re: Oct. article “Standards limit consumer choices, hurt the economy2017-10-09 Northern Express (Petoskey) - Free Market Climate2017-10-08 Clearwater Times (Clearwater, BC) - Please stop dismissing climate change2017-10-08 Portland Press Herald (Portland, ME) - Maine Medical Association Updates it's Climate Policy2017-10-08 New York Times (New York, NY) - You Can Help Mitigate Climate Change2017-10-07 Barrie Examiner (Barrie, ON) - Follow Recommendations a Welcome Start2017-10-07 Barrie Examiner (Barrie, ON) - The science is in2017-10-07 Packet and Times (Orillia) (Orillia, ON) - Not Enough2017-10-06 Maple Ridge news (Maple Ridge, BC) - Humans set new heat record2017-10-06 The Oberlin Review (Oberlin, OH) - Plant-Rich Diet, Carbon Fee Key to Fighting Climate Change2017-10-06 Union-Bulletin (Walla Walla, WA) - Ask insurance industry about climate change2017-10-06 Sentinel-Review(Woodstock) (Woodstock, ON) - Carbon tax superior to cap and trade2017-10-06 Brantford Expositer (Brantford, ON) - Improve Canada's carbon pricing policy2017-10-06 Wausau Daily Herald (Wausau, WI) - Demand accountability on climate change2017-10-06 Prior Lake American (Prior Lake, MN) - What are we waiting for?

Slow global warming2017-09-06 Good Times (Santa Cruz, CA) - Tax Carbon2017-09-06 Western Ag Reporter (Billings, MT) - Extreme weather2017-09-06 The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) - Climate change factor in extreme weather2017-09-06 The Eagle (Bryan/College Station, TX) - We cannot deny the effect humans have on the climate2017-09-06 North Bay Nugget (North Bay, ON) - The Children Are Watching2017-09-06 Intelligencer (Belleville, ON) - Environment A Key Issue2017-09-05 San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) - Impose carbon tax2017-09-05 Omaha World Herald (Omaha, NE) - Harvey means we must take action on climate change2017-09-05 Sun Sentinel (Boca Raton, FL) - Compassion drives outcry over climate change2017-09-05 The Daily Observer (Pembroke, ON) - Political will needed on climate change2017-09-05 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles metro area, CA) - Don't blame libertarians' skepticism for corporate deception on climate change2017-09-05 Idaho State Journal (Pocatello, ID) - Mike Garrity2017-09-05 Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA) - A wake-up call2017-09-05 Tri-City Herald (Kennewick, WA) - Today’s weather catastrophes are tomorrow’s norms2017-09-05 Winnipeg free press (Winnipeg, MB) - Weighing the Risks2017-09-05 San Diego Union-Tribune (San Diego, CA) - When will we learn the lesson planet is showing us?Furthermore, the science is clear: While individual hurricanes aren't caused by climate change, global warming increases the length and intensity of storms 2-11 percent, according to a recent review published by NOAA.The same review predicted that rainfall associated2017-10-13 Daily Astorian (Astoria, OR) - Let's Use Clean Energy2017-10-13 Recorder and Times (Brockville, ON) - Canada can lead on climate change2017-10-13 Gazette-Times (Corvallis, OR, OR) - They may think it's a movement2017-10-13 Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) - Fight to halt warming planet is epic2017-10-13 Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI) - Coal can't compete in the free market2017-10-13 LNP (Lancaster, PA) - climate change should not be a partisan issue2017-10-12 Laconia Daily Sun (Laconia, NH) - CARBON FEE AND DIVIDEND IS BEST STEP TOWARD ACTION ON CLIMATE2017-10-12 Gaylord Herald Times (Gaylord, MI) - Thank you, Rep.2017-09-14 Catholic Herald (Diocese of Madison) (Madison, WI) - Address root causes of worsening extreme weather2017-09-14 Pasadena Star News (Pasadena, CA) - A step back on pollution2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Edmonton/Calgary, AB) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail Metro (Ontario Edition) (Toronto, ON) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Ottawa/Quebec Edition) (Ottawa, ON) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Victoria/Vancouver, BC) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Prairie Edition) (Winnipeg/Regina, SK) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Globe and Mail (Halifax, NS) - Nature's Politics2017-09-14 The Eagle (College Station, TX) - Opinion pieces did not further climate change discussion2017-09-14 Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, IL) - Government (sic) need to do more to reduce carbon emissions2017-09-14 Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, CA) - What can you do about climate change?

2017-09-14 Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - Reverse climate change with policy; the time is now2017-09-14 The Peterborough Examiner (Peterborough, ON) - Address climate change in a prudent manner2017-09-14 Huntingdon Daily News (Huntingdon, PA) - Events are likely effects of climate change2017-09-13 The Woodstock Independent (Woodstock, IL) - Carbon fee and dividend plan is a solution for our climate2017-09-13 Sudbury Star (Sudbury, ON) - Columnist is correct2017-09-13 Logan Herald Journal (Logan, UT) - Support carbon fee to honor storm victims2017-09-13 The Tacoma News Tribune (Tacoma, WA) - Climate change: Personal choices matter2017-09-13 Annandale Advocate (Annandale, MN) - Morgan: Taking action on weather events2017-09-13 Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (Fayetteville, AR) - Climate and Economy2017-09-13 Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, MA) - Emissions goal should be applied equitably2017-09-13 The Norwalk Reflector (Norwalk, OH) - Our actions are contributing to global warming, natural disasters2017-09-13 San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) - Protection From Rising Seas2017-09-13 Idaho State Journal (Pocatello, ID) - Stiofain Gael Mac Geough,2017-09-13 La Crosse Tribune (La Crosse, WI) - Limit the rising costs of climate change2017-09-13 Merrill Foto News (Merrill, WI) - none2017-09-13 The Good Times (Santa Cruz, CA) - Climate Check2017-09-13 The Mining Journal (Marquette, MI) - Recent weather calls for action2017-09-13 Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction, CO) - Putting a price on carbon will pay great dividends2017-09-12 East Bay Times (Oakland, CA) - Carbon tax is best way to stop global warming2017-09-12 Huntingdon Daily News (Huntingdon, PA) - We should not wait for another disaster2017-09-12 San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) - Work across aisle2017-09-12 The Beacon Herald (Stratford, ON) - Carbon tax superior to cap and trade2017-09-12 The Recorder & Times, Brockville (Kanata (Ottawa), ON) - Cap-and-trade will not reduce emissions2017-09-12 San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) - Broader threat2017-09-12 The Sarnia Observer (Sarnia, ON) - Addressing climate change in a prudent manner2017-09-12 The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) - Costs of ignoring warming planet increase2017-09-12 The Sudbury Star (Sudbury, ON) - Carbon tax best way2017-09-12 St.Cloud Times (Annandale, MN) - We must act to curb billion-dollar disasters2017-09-12 Edmonton Sun (Edmonton Sun, AB) - Dividend and Conquer2017-09-12 Calgary Sun (Calgary, AB) - A Carbon Plan that Works2017-09-12 The Portland Press Herald (Portland, ME) - Slow climate change by supporting price on carbon emissions2017-09-11 The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) - Global warming leads to intense hurricanes2017-09-11 North Bay Nugget (North Bay, ON) - Goldstein is on the right track2017-09-11 Austin American-Statesman (Austin, TX) - Climate change fuels extreme weather events2017-09-11 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Make the oil companies that profited from climate change denial pay for disaster relief2017-09-11 Santa Cruz Sentinel (Santa Cruz, CA) - We need ways to transition to green power2017-09-11 Trib Total Media (Pittsburgh, PA) - Climate inaction costly2017-09-11 The Fresno Bee (Fresno, CA) - Isn’t it time to elect leaders who live in reality, rather than deniers?