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thats what these other law sites say in what way would the law still be after me for corruption of a minor or anything else? i didnt go into detail cuz i wanted raw facts i work with her dad; and he's cool with me seeing her (just no sex) and her dad has custody (parents divorced) so i dont think the mom's opinion even matters? And I just fell head over heels for this guy whose 22. Actually I'm not completely sure I believe in love at all. Is hanging out with anyone whose 18 or older illegal if my parents are okay? or is that only if she turns out hating me and "attacks me"? If the mom has any type of visitation or any rights at all (if she pays for cs), then she would have the right to say something. Or is it just once you move forward to kissing and stuff? But someone who is educated on these matters, could you tell me end results for the following situations: A) We date, and go as far as kissing and touching eachother (all over), but not intercourse, and her parents dont know about it THEN find out about it. ..any other situations you think I should know about. She'll be 16 soon so if you wanna tell me how different it would be if she was 16, I'd appreciate it. We love just talking for hours and we laugh for so long. i read on the web the defination of age of consent is the age by one person can give their consent to legally have sex with another so if she was 16, told me it's all good, and her parents we're ok with it too, we're alright? im asking what does age of consent grant her that she doesnt already have at 15, if she's not allowed to kiss me (or i kiss her rather) when she's 16 you ranted the hell out of me and stated the wrong age; you're dense Lets try this again, there are two issues here, what happened when she was 15, and what you want to happen when she is 16. The statute of limitations on such acts is YEARS long. You should call the police even if your money isn't in the bank and you don't know the robbers. Hugging, kissing and touching the little girl is illegal... would there be an issue with a cop if they saw this kissing?

I really love her; you have no idea so if you're going to tell me I don't love her, don't even post. Now we're smart enough to know we can't have sex without issues, but we're both ok with waiting. B) We date, and go as far as kidding and touching eachother (all over), but not intercourse, and her parents KNOW about it, but THEN the cops find out. C) We lose control, we have sex, and the cops find out. I still don't have a 100% accurate defination of the "age of consent". But we do love eachother, and she already talks about wanting to stay with me, and we're both more "nerdy" than drooping bling-bling wearing thugs going thru an indentity crisis. I know parents on this forum don't know me from atom, but I can assure you I'm not just looking for a ride. love does crazy things to people ok so at age 16 i cant get stat rape; but what else can I get and why would it apply to me?

Once she turns 18, BEFORE you decide to "touch her boob", go to her father and ask him, "Is it OK if I feel your 16 year old daughter up every now and again?

" Once you regain consciousness, it will be pretty easy to figure out if it's OK or not.

and THEN she decides to call the DA to see if she can press charges. We can date then, but don't do anything more than hugging and kissing. You are driving by a bank and see it is being robbed.

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She decides that the guy she met on spring break is actually a better prom date because he won't be confused for a teacher. You just put your entire future in the hands of an unstable pre adult! So if we wanted to try and make this work in time, I guess the best route to take would be the following: Wait until she's 16 soon. Anni Not trying to sound perverted; but is she's 16 and I touch her boob (just using this as an example, don't think badly of me) and a cop sees it... If I had the parent/guardian's blessing, and her consent; how is that illegal when she's 16? If I had her parent's blessing, she was 16, and I didn't cause any issues with her obeying her parents -- I'm fine, right? Her parents don't have the authority to make legal an illegal act. Anyone that sees it or evidence of such an act is bound to report you to law enforcement.thats what these other law sites say in what way would the law still be after me for corruption of a minor or anything else? I think honestly, if the father refuses to press charges for what you have already done, or doesn't know about it, and doesn't mind you seeing her, after she turns 16, then your safe.