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03-Nov-2017 04:43

To them, vegans are still skinny and weak, by necessity.Of course it’s your choice whether you want to play into this stereotype or make yourself a stark counterexample. The reminder that I’m an ambassador (as anyone who is vegan is, wittingly or not) has been a big part of my drive to stay fit, to go after ultrarunning accomplishments and to make an effort to keep on at least a little bit of muscle, even when running and my body type make that tough.Even after I became vegetarian, I turned this question over and over in my mind.

Going vegan led me to learn more about food, to the point that I’m scared to be hyper-selective and skeptical about what I buy. Believe it or not, this has been the toughest part for me — I lost a lot of my interest in cooking when I cut meat and then dairy out of my diet.

So if you just replace it, say, with beans that cost a dollar per pound, you’ll bank some serious coin.

There are average-quality clips too as well as a streaming Flash and a portable format option. The photo spreads definitely focus on softcore posing, which is in contrast to the hardcore vids.… continue reading »

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