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The magic skull gets it all sorted out in the end though. Best buddies Dave (Jason Bateman) and Mitch (Ryan Reynolds).

Because who wouldnt wanna steal Ryan Reynolds body?

How They Swapped: Via Wiccan ritual and magic earrings. Clive-as-Jessica becomes a pole dancer and continues his life of crime; Jessica-as-Clive spies on all her friends and learns valuable life lessons. Which is as close to a happy ending as this film was gonna get. 81 year old millionaire Jack (George Burns) and his 18 year old grandson David (Charlie Schlatter).

How They Swapped: A car accident, combined with a wish to be young again, puts Jack in Davids body, and leaves David in Jacks body and in a coma. 37-year-old Mike (Matthew Perry) swaps bodies with his 17-year-old self (Zac Efron).

Wacky hijinks ensue, but theres a darker side to the comedy, especially where Edwinas intended new body, Terry, is concerned. So its not strictly a swap, because Farnsworths soul has departed the mortal coil.

Consequences: Pendleton undoes some of Farnsworths misdeeds, but he gets shot and Farnsworths body dies again. It sort of ends up okay, though, as head angel Mr Jordan (Claude Rains) finds Pendleton a new boxers body to keep instead. Cheerleader Ione (Spencer Locke) and her mother, Sloan (Erica Shaffer).

How They Swapped: Via magic, and a botched soul-transfer. Boxer Joe Pendleton (Robert Montgomery) and cruel investment banker Bruce Farnsworth (also played by Robert Montgomery, post-switch).

Consequences: Bit of an unusual one, this, with two people occupying one body at the same time: Edwina on the right, Roger on the left. How They Swapped: After an overly keen angel nabbed Pendletons soul out of a plane crash he was meant to survive, he insists on being sent back to Earth and takes the body of a recently deceased rotter.

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Consequences: Charlie almost loses his dads job for him; his dad gets him in trouble with his mum, and then gets him kidnapped. That question is kind of the basis for all fiction ever, from romantic comedies to space operas, since theyre all about following the adventures of someone in circumstances youd probably never find yourself in.

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