Updating ps3 with wireless ethernet plug

02-Sep-2017 05:39

(The basis of these articles has been nicely brought together by Dave Conroy in a form which is much easier to follow here.

What I now required was basically something working in the opposite direction.

Substitute your own values The additional lines will set up the wireless interface (wlan0) with a static or fixed address, in this case I have chosen this address as it is on the same network as the addresses served by the router when using dhcp, but outside that range ( to, so there is no chance of another computer being allocated the same address If your router serves a different range you will have to choose your own appropriate address here.

The broadcast address is used to address all computers on the same network, and the gateway is the address to which packets are routed when the address is not on the same network, e.g.

2: Change the user password for the pi user, from the default raspberry to something else you can remember 3: leave the option boot to desktop unset.

Since we will not use the desktop for this project we want the Rpi to boot to command line 4: Set the time-zone appropriate for your location (I chose Europe, London) 5: Although I have a camera on my Rpi, you probably won’t want one on this project so you can leave unset 6: Ignore 6 just now 7: ignore 7.

This is in the directory /etc/network To do this we will use the built in editor called nano In case of accidents we will first backup the existing configuration file Type the following commands This opens up the nano editor with the existing contents of the interfaces file use the arrow keys to move down to the end of the file, then press the back arrow key (above return key) to delete the last three lines of text Note the blacked out sections contain the name of your router Wi Fi ssid identifier and the pass phrase (psk) to enable a computer to connect to it.

These will be the same as you used when connecting any wifi computer to your router.

Note carefully which drive it mounts on (in my case drive F) Now run Win32Disk Imager by double clicking the unzipped file insert your SD card select the correct drive letter for your SD card…Be certain you get this right and click the blue folder icon to navigate to the wheezy-raspian image Then click the Write button, acknowledge the warning dialog that pops up and you will write the image to your SD card which will take a minute or two.

I assume that you also have an internet connection via a wireless broadband router with a spare ethernet socket into which a PC (or Rpi) can be plugged. This router should be set up to configure attached computers via DHCP, i.e.

to automatically configure its network IP address and DNS etc, By default the Rpi expects this to be the case when an ethernet cable is plugged in to its ethernet port, Stage one: Setting up your Raspberry Pi SD card Install the latest Raspian distribution onto the SD card.

This lets you carry out some initial configuration.orking through the choices,: 1: select Expand the Filesystem.

It won’t have much effect if you are using a 2Gb SD card, but will give you extra free space if you have a bigger capacity card.On a PC the easiest way to do this is to download a program called putty from here.

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