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23-Jul-2017 21:51

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Text Box with Multiline=True, I'd like to only show the scrollbars when the text doesn't fit. It's a Text Box so that users can copy the text out.

I'd like to have no scrollbars initially and have each appear dynamically only if the text doesn't fit in the given direction. The Scroll Bars property in this case can be left to the default value of Rich Text Box Scroll Bars.

Text =, and the access violation still occurs once in a while.

From your answer, am I to understand that Text Box. Or do they both suffer from the same issue (wouldn't they both call On Text Changed?

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Unfortunately, since the window is recreated, that internal state has been freed by the OS, resulting in an access violation.This only works if you are explicitly adding newlines into the text. Both, which indicates "Display both a horizontal and a vertical scroll bar when needed." It would be nice if this functionality were provided on Text Box. I think you're not going to get exactly what you want here.